15 Unusual & Bizarre Pics That Will Leave You Wondering What’s Going On

It is being said that photos capture a moment and a person can revisit that moment just by looking at the photo in the future as well. But sometimes what these photos capture can be confusing as well. On many occasions, the timing of clicking the shot, the background, etc, create an illusion which confuses everyone who sees the photo. With the advent of smartphones, almost everyone has become a photographer and there is huge increase in the number of photos getting clicked every day.


We have come up with a collection of some bizarre photos and we will love it if you can explain us what the photo is all about:

1 Camel parking

While the authorities all over the world provide parking for cars in the cities, in this photo a camel has been parked in the car parking. Camel is said to be the king of desert as it doesn’t have any problem in walking in desert but who is using parking space for a camel and why, is the question.

Camel parking

Image Source: plo.vn

2Puppy in a glass pot

Usually these types of glass pot are used for the purpose of aquariums or other purposes but can you believe that a puppy is sitting inside the pot and most importantly how did it get inside the pot. Do you have any idea as to how this puppy managed to get inside?

Puppy in a glass pot

Image Source: livetrending.ro

3The witch on the broom

Initially you will feel that you are watching a scene from a fantasy movie in which a witch is flying on her broom but you are wrong. This is a remote-controlled plane which was in the form of a witch and it flew in Encinitas, California, USA on 31st October 2016 during Halloween.

A remote-controlled plane in the form of a witch flies over a neighborhood as the sun sets during Halloween in Encinitas

Image Source: www.katolsk.no

4Is this coffee cup empty or full?

Many coffee cups are multi-colored but is this cup also multi-colored or it is full of coffee. While many feel that it is an empty cup which has coffee color on its inside, there are many who are saying that the cup is full of coffee, what is your opinion?

Is this coffee cup empty or full

Image Source: pinimg.com

5Surfing on water with ironing board

The lady seems to love surfing on the water so much that she took her ironing board instead of surfer board. We agree that they both may be a little bit similar in shape but still it is too difficult to ignore the difference, maybe she knows how to surf on ironing board.


Image Source: dailystar.co.uk


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