Unique Creative Ways to Cut Down On Inappropriate Texting

We all have been in the company of others who feel their phone is their lifeline. They have their Facebook, Twitter and just about every other account linked to their phone. This, on top of all the constant texting can be quite a nuisance especially when you are trying to enjoy a quiet meal or a relaxing night out at the movies. Here are some unusual yet unique ways that help curtail that constant texting.

1 The Amazing Texting Gun

They have radar speed guns to track speeders going down the highway past the official speed limit. Why not have a gun that catches those troublesome texters, who should be concentrating on the road in front of them instead of hitting send every thirty seconds? Hence, the creation of the Sniffer Sleuth II, that its manufacturers claim can detect the difference in frequency between the signals used when making a phone call or texting. The laws vary from state to state whether using your cell phone, and texting is legal or not. What is more confusing for authorities is deciphering if a person is truly unfocused due to texting or making a call when they should not be. A device like the Sniffer Sleuth II could be the answer to many officers’ dilemmas and prevent thousands of accidents a year from distracted text messaging.

The Amazing Texting Gun

Image Source: www.oddee.com

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