The Top ranked 15 Female Superheroes ever to have Existed in Superhero Universe

Be it marvel or DC, while superheroes have been given the fame they deserve, superheroines or female superheroes are yet to get the recognition they deserve. But!! With the spate of superhero movies, all that is changing and the likes of Supergirl and Wonder Woman are stealing the limelight. In terms of popularity, we came up with a list of superheroines ranked from 15 to NO 1 and we hope fans will agree. Here are the top 15 female superheroes ever.

15 Hawkgirl

During the time when the concept of comic superheroes grew in popularity, there wasn’t much said about females. Sheena the queen of the jungle made an appearance in 1937 but she wasn’t exactly a superhero. Fantomah was widely regarded as the first superheroine but since 1940 it has been Hawkgirl who has made her presence felt in TV and Film with appearances on Arrow and Smallville.


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14 The Invisible Woman

Sue Storm has never really held her own possibly because of the stars who played her in movies such as Jessica Alba or Kate Mara. Sue Storm is a comic book legend as part of the fantastic four and is a powerful superhero in her own right. We are yet to see a good version of fantastic four but despite that fact The Invisible Woman is a true super heroine.

The Invisible Woman

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13 Ms. Marvel

Bet you may not have heard of Miss Marvel who everyone prefers to call Carol Danvers. Perhaps Miss Marvel may get her wish alongside Brie Larson in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. The fact remains that she is even more popular than captain marvel having outlasted the male version.

Ms. Marvel

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