Top Clash of Clans hack tips for Clashers


Superbowl had never expected that it will be this big, that their game will be a big hit, not only in some country, but all over the world. Surely, you are dreaming to become a part of the ranking of the players and to make that possible, there are some hack tips that you should consider for this!

10 Make Use of Revenge Option

While you are away, there is a higher chance for you to be attacked by other people, especially if there are also no shield available. There are times that they will get most of your elixir and gold, and that would be really annoying in your part. But, when you are being attacked, this could also be a big chance for you to revenge on them, and fulfill your ego! You can even try to train different troops that could be perfect for your plans of revenge. Make sure to check their storages and know how much you can get!

Make Use of Revenge Option

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9 Make Your Wall Breaker an Elixir Bank!

Probably, the only thing that you have to know is that your barracks are being used in order to train your troops. But, you are definitely wrong as there will be one more benefit that you can get from it. If you are going to notice, you can actually queue more number of troops that you can train from it, even though you are not really online. So, when you do that, the elixir will already be used, but you can cancel it anytime. And, the best for you to use is the Wall Breaker which could have the highest cost and only eat up, total of one slot.

Make Your Wall Breaker an Elixir Bank!

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8 Sweet Victory is Really Sweet!

There is a big chance that you already know about the process of getting the 450 gems once you have achieved total of 1250 trophies from attacking different bases. This could be one of your goal and you should not miss the chance. If you have a town hall of level 6 or lower, you can already get started in searching different villages and attack them if you think that you can really beat them. Though, you can just focus on the Town Hall in order to gain one star.

 Sweet Victory is Really Sweet!

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7 Loot More Depending on Town Hall Level

When you are attacking a village, you could have a goal to loot more and steal as many resources from it. With this, it is important for you to make sure that you are going to check the town hall level of the opponent. If it is higher than the level of your town hall, then that could give you higher amount of resources, but if it is lower, there will be lower resources and lower number of trophies as well. Most of the players who already have higher town halls would not need their resources anymore and you can freely loot them. Check those kind of villages and get more resources for you to use!

Loot More Depending on Town Hall Level

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6 Use the Lightning Spells for the Mortars

If this is the first time for you to have got the spell factory, then you will become familiar with the use of the lightning spells. In comparison to other spells, this could be the weakest, but when it comes to fighting mortars, this is surely the best and most ideal for you to have so don’t ever think twice in using this and upgrade to have better strength. It can commonly damage Level 4 – Level 5 mortars.

Use the Lightning Spells for the Mortars

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5 Drop Out Some Trophies!

If you already have good amount of trophies, maybe you will already consider dropping some of it. This could be a perfect strategy that you can do to look for village owners that are still starting out in the game and earning some good amount of loots. After all, the game play is all about bullying those that have lower rankings and certified your own rank.

Drop Out Some Trophies!

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4 Your Archer Queen and Barbarian King Needs a Rest!

It is no secret for us to know that it takes time for our heroes to be fully charged and guard our village while we are gone. So, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you are going to let them take a rest. There are other things that you can consider to protect your village, like having some troops requested from your clan or you can just have shield if you want.

Your Archer Queen and Barbarian King Needs a Rest!

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3 Play the Single Player Game

Just recently, Superbowl managed to have two hears maintenance break for the update of the game which allows more players to get higher amount of resources from the single player game. So, if you currently have shield and would like to loot, you can play those and battle with the goblins.

lay the Single Player Game

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2 Leave Town Hall Outside

When you are upgrading your defenses, you would not want someone to take advantage on it and get lots of resources from you, so the best thing is for you to leave the town hall outside, let them crashed it. It could give them star and trophy, but it could give you shield!

Leave Town Hall Outside

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1 Surprise Them with Teslas!

So, most of them would surely try to crash down your town hall, but don’t ever let them do it really easy and fast. Try to build teslas around your town hall and have the best surprise to your attackers. You would have fun watching the replays on how they lose in your village later on.

Surprise Them with Teslas!

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