Top Clash of Clans hack tips for Clashers

Superbowl had never expected that it will be this big, that their game will be a big hit, not only in some country, but all over the world. Surely, you are dreaming to become a part of the ranking of the players and to make that possible, there are some hack tips that you should consider for this!

10 Make Use of Revenge Option

While you are away, there is a higher chance for you to be attacked by other people, especially if there are also no shield available. There are times that they will get most of your elixir and gold, and that would be really annoying in your part. But, when you are being attacked, this could also be a big chance for you to revenge on them, and fulfill your ego! You can even try to train different troops that could be perfect for your plans of revenge. Make sure to check their storages and know how much you can get!

Make Use of Revenge Option

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