Top 9 Coolest Packaging

If you want to sell your product, you better have a great packaging for it; otherwise it will not even get noticed on the market. Unfortunately or fortunately people are visual creatures and love getting their things packed in interesting boxes that would simply ‘have them’ at the first sight. It’s no wonder how great corporations are hiring talented designers to create unique boxes in which the products they are selling would gain the wanted attention.
Here are some of the coolest ideas for packaging ever.

#1. New York City Spaghetti Packaging

Alex Creamer was a student at the University of Central Lancashire, UK when he came up with this brilliant idea of a New-York centric packaging for spaghetti. He created this wonderful box after a challenge at his college was announced for creating a package for 1 of 5 difficult items i.e. eggs, a rose, custard powder, spaghetti or marbles. And of course he chose spaghetti. The spaghetti sits on a 3D model of the Chrysler building that was modeled on CAD by his friend Ben Thorpe. Just put the spaghetti in the Chrysler Building shaped inside up and there you have it – a very spaghetti New York City skyscraper.

New York City Spaghetti Packaging

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