Top 7 TV Shows of All Time

Whether you are a fan of dedicated watching episodes each week in front of the TV or if you are an addict who simply has to watch the entire season in one day, you will probably get interested in this article. Some of the best TV shows of all time were filmed decades ago but are as good and as watchable as the shows of today. Some of the best TV shows were sitcoms, others were science fiction themed, others were family drama etc. This is the list of the best TV show during the decades. Here we go.


#1. Star Track: Deep Space Nine 1993-1999

If you happen to love science fiction and futuristic stories, this was probably a show you were not missing episode from. Bringing aliens to the story, DS9’s space station-set antics were a surprisingly dark slice of the Star Trek universe. Star Track: Deep Space Nine 1993-1999 Image Source:

#2. Sex and the City 1198-2004

Ok, this was hands down women’s favorite show, but many men were too curious to sneak at least one episode and hear what a group of four girlfriends was talking about. And they had what to hear and see. Four different types of women who openly speak about their sex lives, problems with their boyfriends, work and career goals, way of life and shopping. Yes, probably besides the love affairs, this show would remain remembered for Carrie’s fashion choice and her shoes. Sex and the City 1198-2004 Image Source:


#3. The Golden Girls 1985-1993

Four ladies but not Sex and the City. Four older ladies with extra sharp tongues, lots of sarcasm and terrible eighties fashion. But this show became a cult show if you were into great humor and sharp sarcasm. Each and every one of the women struggled different type of loss – three widows and a divorced woman are facing their everyday life as well as the fact that if you are over fifty you don’t have live the boring life. If you still haven’t seen this show, you must. Seven promising season of good laughter. The Golden Girls 1985-1993 Image Source:

#4. Only Fools and Horses 1981-2003

This was a sitcom that made the British people proud. Del Boy and Rodney Trotter’s terrible attempts to become millionaires kept the viewer smiling for over 20 years and, even with constant repeats, they still manage to make you laugh if you watch it today. Only Fools and Horses 1981-2003 Image Source:


#5. Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1969-1974

Harsh humor and cynicism that would make you laugh even 4 decades later. Long before the team incurred the wrath of right-wing Christians with the mocking movie Life of Brian and fooled about the Arthurian legend with The Holy Grail, the Monty Python team created a TV comedy with the silliest and weirdest sketch show. Thanks to the imagination of John Cleese, Terry Jones, Graham Chapman the show stood the test of time. Monty Python’s Flying Circus 1969-1974 Image Source:

#6. The Simpsons – 1989 – present day

Yes they are still running the show which is amazing. The beginning was hard for everyone, but it seems that the Simpsons stole America’s heart and later the entire world with their simple yet funny life. You can’t stay immune to Homer’s dumb behavior or Bart’s laughter, Lisa’s thirst for knowledge or Marge’s ways to keep the family safe and sane. The show had plenty of celebrities who voiced over some of the guest characters. Through the years the show gave chance to Michael Jackson, Meryl Strip, James Earl Jones, Larry King, George Takei, Hugh Hefner, Elizabeth Taylor, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. The Simpsons – 1989 – present day Image Source:


#7. Friends – 1194-2004

There are no people in this world who haven’t seen at least an episode of this show. If you happen to love this show back in time, you probably still sing the catchy song from the beginning. If you haven’t seen it yet you really should catch up on the six friends who live in the same building and are sharing their lives together. They are all different and funny. Ross and Monica are the siblings, Chandler is Ross’ best friends from across the hall, Joey is his Italian-American funny roommate, Rachel is Monica’s high school friend and Ross’ sweetheart and Phoebe is the weird one who has the craziest life stories ever. Needless to say that lots of celebrities took place in this show, and one of the most remembered ones will remains that role of Brat Pitt who agreed to play in the show thanks to his then wife, Jennifer Aniston who played Rachel. Friends – 1194-2004 Image Source:


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