Top 6 Most Interesting Dental Offices


Imagine going to the dentists and the office is sterile white, that common smell that every dental office has, your dentist waits for you to sit down on the chair and the torture is about to happen. Well not in these dental offices. They have really cool designs and colorful walls which would make any patient forget about the pain a little bit. Some of them have really classy and glamorous almost castle looking interiors, while others would totally confuse you with their music studio look. But, according to the patients, everything looks better than a plain white dental office.

#1. Royal dental office

Located in Bucharest, Romania, in this dental office everyone’s treated like royalty! The office decor resembles like Versailles Castle and this place would make even Marie Antoinette feel at home. Designed by EZZO, Royal Dental amazes its staff and patients with a royal color scheme featuring white walls and fixtures highlighted by majestic purple trim. Even the waiting room would make you forget where exactly you came.

#2. Music dentist office

This place was mainly designed for teens, and even the name says it all DFT – Dentistry for Teens. The dental office features a technology counter for MAC browsing, smoothies, online music and game play. My Studio Line create the movie theater to resemble like cloud above the counter. There’s also a bank of Video Game screens for XBox and Playstation amongst the comic book wall, so while teen patients wait for their turn, they can play their favorite games. Also there is vintage Ms. Pacman table console and a DVD jukebox. The rock n’ roll operatory features a 9 foot guitar, video gaming and movie viewing on the patient’s video screen. This teenage dentist office was designed by Aaron Christensen who owns of Here for sure you will not be mortified from those drilling machines that just wait to fix your teeth.

Music dentist office

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#3. 50s diner dental office

This dental office located in Arkansas resembles a 1950s diner is a true tribute to the past. Dr. David Myers built all of the furniture by hand, and the office features a 1947 Mercury coupe for the reception desk and a 1956 Olds 98 and pink 1959 Cadillac as couches.

50s diner dental office

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#4. Sea life dental office

These cool images are the interior in the dental office from in Kinderdentist in Berlin. The office was designed by Brad Pitt’s favourite architecture firm, the creative GRAFT. Once you enter here you would wish to be kid again. Kinderdentist is an underwater world of adventure with a 12 foot visual wave drawing the guests into a world of the blue tones and schools of fish. The waiting is pleasant while you were waiting in a submarine. The blue calms down the little patients and makes them get curious about the wall painting.

Sea life dental office

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#5. Jungle dental office

Children’s Dental Care is the pediatric dentistry that decided to have a unique interior with painted rainforest trees and yellow-brownish paths and waiting rooms. After building two office suites in multi-tenant buildings, the partners decided to develop a building to their own specifications. The doctors wanted design with strong appeal to young patients. With help from designer Diane Pahl Strapko, they choose to extend a jungle theme for the whole place not only for the kid’s corner. Working with a mural artist and a museum display company, long curving walls for a panoramic jungle scene with a bamboo hut were created, a stone bench, and a sculptural tree as a focal point. But it turned out that young patient actually continued to come here even when they reached adolescence so the office interior is designed to appeal to a range of ages. The jungle theme is spread throughout the office, resulting in a coordinated interior appropriate for young and old patients.

Jungle dental office

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#6. Aquarium dental office

What’s more relaxing than watching exotic fish swim in huge tanks places all over the large dental office where you go to fix and keep your teeth healthy? Not to many things, you have to admit. While you are sitting on the dental chair with wide open mouth the calm swim of the fish would transfer the calm energy to you too so it won’t hurt so much. Plus the whole atmosphere simply relaxes you before you sit down for your regular check.

Aquarium dental office

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