Top 6 Most Interesting Dental Offices

Imagine going to the dentists and the office is sterile white, that common smell that every dental office has, your dentist waits for you to sit down on the chair and the torture is about to happen. Well not in these dental offices. They have really cool designs and colorful walls which would make any patient forget about the pain a little bit. Some of them have really classy and glamorous almost castle looking interiors, while others would totally confuse you with their music studio look. But, according to the patients, everything looks better than a plain white dental office.

#1. Royal dental office

Located in Bucharest, Romania, in this dental office everyone’s treated like royalty! The office decor resembles like Versailles Castle and this place would make even Marie Antoinette feel at home. Designed by EZZO, Royal Dental amazes its staff and patients with a royal color scheme featuring white walls and fixtures highlighted by majestic purple trim. Even the waiting room would make you forget where exactly you came.

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