Top 5 Films of 2014

When it comes to movies, everyone has their own taste and beliefs about what is good and what is just plain awful. So when it comes to judging the top five Films of 2014 people are bound to have different opinions on what rates a rave review and what warrants being tossed in a closet so that no one ever has to be tortured for two hours ever again. Movies bring out strong opinions in people but here is what some of the experts say.

#1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a movie about a concierge who inherits a very valuable work of art from a hotel guest. The movie is said to be very witty and a great film overall. It is directed by Wes Anderson, who they say has never directed a bad movie in his entire career. The cast of stars and funny plot makes it a real favorite ranking it the number 5 best movie of the year.
The Grand Budapest Hotel
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