Top 5 Most Famous Paintings


Maybe during the lifetime of the artists, these paintings were either worthless or were sold for a little amount of money, but today they are one of the most famous paintings around the globe. You better not ask about their price, because the museums that are guarding them are giving millions each year to protect them from thieves, day light, flash light etc.

#1. Mona Lisa

Of course this painting is one of the most well known among everyone around the world, whether they’re art lovers or not. Painted by the famous Leonardo da Vinci, today it is well guarder in the museum La Louvre in Paris. It is a small portrait of a woman from Florence, but some people believe that it is an auto portrait of the author. Till this day the painting keeps its mystery and remains an item of admiration. Leonardo started painting it around 1503-1504 till sometime shortly before his death.
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#2. The Last Supper

Another painting from da Vinci where the famous scene of Christ and the disciples having their last supper. Today it is kept in the Monastery Santa Maria delle Grazzie in Milan, Italy. There are so many hidden symbols which makes this painting great subject for debates. It was painted in the late 15 century.
The Last Supper
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#3. The Creation of Adam

Painted by Michelangelo, this is the actual ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. It is so gracious because it took a real master to paint such a perfect thing on a ceiling. It took him 4 years to finish it, from 1508 till 1512.
The Creation of Adam
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#4. Starry Night

Painted by van Gogh, this is one of the most recognizable paintings and most copied around the world. Today it is kept in the Museum of Modern Arts in New York City and it was painted in 1889.
Starry Night
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#5. The Persistence of Memory

It was painted in 1931 by the Spanish painted, Salvador Dali. It is scary, surreal, thoughtful and probably one of the most recognizable paintings of the 20th century.
The Persistence of Memory
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