Top 5 Dumbest Thieves


We have learned from the movies that committing the perfect crime is impossible. However, police usually has hard time to find criminals and burglars even though they use evidences from the crime scene and do through investigations. But, there are cases where criminals are making the dumbest mistakes like leaving other things like their foot prints and DNA. There are cases where criminals were so terrible in their deeds, that they have left their wallets with IDs or were so tired that they fall asleep on the crime scene. Sounds hilarious but these cases were really easy for the police to solve. Here are some of the dumbest Thieves in the world.

#1. Shoplifter left his wallet behind

Steven Diaz (18) entered in the Vons supermarket to grab a bottle of wine but had no intention to pay for it. The suspect attempted to make a getaway, but was stopped by a security guard. Somehow the teenager managed to punch the security guard in the face and took off to a waiting vehicle (the kid saw too many movies, except this whole planned shoplift thing was only for a bottle of wine). But, poor Diaz dropped his wallet and the wine in the market while he was having a fight with the security guard. Police contacted the teen robber and the next night Diaz, accompanied by his parents, turned himself in. He was booked on suspicion of robbery and was released from custody after his parents paid 50 000 dollars bail. So much effort and money for one bottle of wine.

Shoplifter left his wallet behind

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