Top 4 Coolest Clubs Ever

Most of us were not even born while these fabulous and legendary clubs existed and were the places where celebrities were having wild parties. Today we can only hear the stories about what was happening there, watch movies about them or simply read articles like this one, or if we are luckier to hear an authentic story from someone who was alive to witness and have fun at these places.
These are some of the most popular and coolest clubs.

#1. Manhattan disco

No club is better known than New York’s Studio 54 which was in operation from 1977-1981. The place was known for its celebrity clientele, the nightly mob scene outside its doors with thousands of people waiting beyond the velvet rope and the drugs and debauchery going on inside. The stories of what happened inside are endless – from Bianca Jagger (who back in time was married to Mick Jagger) riding a white horse into the club on her birthday, to the famous crescent moon snorting coke over the dance floor… Everyone from Hollywood’s elite to world politicians were regular guests including Andy Warhol, Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Halston, Mick Jagger, Calvin Klein, Elton John, Margaret Trudeau, Truman Capote, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Diana Ross, Cher, Salvador Dali, John Travolta, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Brooke Shields. In 1978, club co-owner Steve Rubell made the mistake of telling the press the club made $7 million in its first year and that “only the Mafia made more money.” That comment put Studio 54 on the radar of the Internal Revenue Service and it was soon raided.

Manhattan disco

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