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It doesn’t matter if you use Xbox One or PC, improving your gaming experience with some new accessories is always more than welcome because you are more than aware that, this means a better gaming experience. Here are some suggestions which can be good ways to make your time spent in gaming this year worth every minute. Even for those who are playing on a a PS3 or Xbox 360 the suggested “accessories” will be useful.

1 Analog Stick Covers

Dual Shock 4 rubber grips may fall apart in a year (especially if you use them every day). Instead of buying a new controller or tearing up the tips of your fingers on plastic, invest in some analog stick covers for less than $5. They fit just about any controller that you can find in the market.

Analog Stick Covers

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2 Headset

If you’re playing an online multiplayer game, there is no doubt you will need a headset. Communication is the key for strategy and tactics, and you already know that you will have to chat. Sony’s PlayStation Gold headset is excellent for the PS4 and PS3, and Microsoft’s Xbox One headset works perfectly for voice chat — no need for Kinect.


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3 Remote Play

Remote Play has been an incredible bullet point for the PS4, and no wonder experienced gamers are recommending it. Whether you have invested in a $80 PlayStation TV or $200 Vita, you can play full-fledged console games wherever you are. Whether you’re in front of the big screen, curled up in bed, or playing some Peggle at the office, Remote Play is worth investing in for the convenience factor alone.

Remote Play

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4 SSD upgrade

If long load times drive you crazy, you should definitely consider installing an SSD. This 500GB SSD from Samsung is now available for a price lower than $240. It isn’t hard to make a storage upgrade on a PS4 and the PC, but upgrading the drive on the Xbox One requires you to void your warranty. Alternately, you can use an SSD in a USB 3.0 enclosure, and still see load time improvements.

SSD upgrade

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5 Gaming mouse

For those who are gaming on a PC, it is most definitely worth investing in a quality gaming mouse. It is still possible to play with a low priced mouse or a track-pad, but your experience will not be the same. The Venus from UtechSmart combines incredible 16,400 DPI precision with 18 programmable buttons, and it’s only for $40. Whether you are playing a competitive first-person shooter or a participating in a 40-person raid in an MMO, this mouse will give you the edge you need.

Gaming mouse

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6 Gameboard

A standard keyboard works all right for most games, but if you are playing competitively, you will want every advantage you can get. The Logitech G13 gameboard offers 25 programmable keys laid out in an ergonomic design. It also sports customizable backlighting and an LCD display, so you can configure this gameboard to look and function precisely how you want it. The keyboard has five separate profiles, which are easy for setting up your favorite games.


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7 Controller for PC games

The consoles and the PC are increasingly similar from a technical perspective. Genres once considered console-exclusive are frequently seeing PC releases now, but many of them don’t control very well with a keyboard and mouse. But, it is unnecessary to use a controller on the PC these days. You can just get an Xbox One or wired Xbox 360 controller, and plug it in. Most modern games will detect the controller, and work seamlessly. With a little work, you can even use a DualShock 4 to play PC games. No matter what controller you will buy, it will be worth the investment (even for devoted PC gamers)

Controller for PC games

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