17 Things You Love That Were Either Unintentional or Accidents

13In the Godfather the nervous Mob Enforcer was just starstruck

Francis Ford Coppola needed a big, intimidating guy for the role of Luca Brasi the mob enforcer working for Don Corleone, while filming the Godfather. Incidentally, the film was being cast with billions of tough guys and Lenny Montana was chosen. During filming the scene with Marlon Brando, Montana became so nervous that he bumbled his lines which made the character Don Corleone appear even more intimidating than the muscle man towering over him.

The Godfather

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14Space Invaders was meant to be faster

When programmer Tomohiro Nishikado finished space invaders after spending a year trying to build a system powerful enough to run it, it still wasn’t complete. At the start, the invaders moved very slowly and only sped up after a few remained onscreen while the rest were shot.

Space Invaders was meant to be faster

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15A slip of the finger caused Lara Croft’s chest

In the game Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Lara’s bust was supposed to be increased by 50%. But, the artist in charge of editing the character’s dimension accidentally type 150%, which created the iconic character adored by fanboys from all around the world.

A slip of the finger caused Lara Croft’s chest

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16It was thanks to a sandbar that Daniel Craig’s iconic beach Shot in Casino Royale happened

When a scene in the film of the reboot of 007 was being shot with Daniel Craig in the Bahamas, he hit a sandbar and was forced to awkwardly stand and wade through the water instead of floating away while watching the baddie’s wife. Craig commented on this and said, “I would be haunted for the rest of my life”.

Daniel Craigs iconic beach Shot

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17Doctor Who’s beloved scarf was created by a miscommunication

Doctor Who’s long scarf was created when the producer for the show gave different swatches of wool to a seamstress who thought that they wanted a 50 feet puke colored scarf. But, Tom Baker the fourth Doctor loved the scarf. This mistake of hers then became the series canon.


Doctor Who’s beloved scarf was created by a miscommunication

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