17 Things You Love That Were Either Unintentional or Accidents

9Budget constraints led to the creation of Star trek’s Transporters

The concept of matter transport was actually never meant to be on the show. It was planned for the crew to take shuttles or land the ship every time Kirk had to bone a green lady. But, due to budget constraints, they managed to fund the special effects and Shatner’s girdle budget, and because of this, they created one of the most iconic elements of the popular franchise.

Budget constraints led to the creation of Star trek’s

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10Due to the Crew’s laziness, Jason Voorhees wore a hockey mask

Jason, in the second Friday the 13th film, was supposed to wear a bag over his head. However, since this appearance resembled the killer from ‘The Town Who Feared Sundown’, the producers decided to finally give him a face. While his face was to be revealed, it would take a lot of work for every shot. The makeup team who were quite lazy to do their job simply decided to stick a mask on the villain which produced the popular horror icon.

Jason Voorhees wore a hockey mask

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A group of ten military wives once crossed the border from Fort Duncan Army base and went to have lunch at a restaurant called the Victory Club in Piedras Negras Mexico. Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya who was a maître d’ at the restaurant improvised a plate of tostadas by covering it with grated cheese and passing it through a salamander- a broiling unit that heats food from above. He topped the whole thing off with jalapenos.


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12The PlayStation was supposed to be an Add-on for the SNES

Sony launched a new console at the 1991 CES. It was created with Nintendo, an SNES with a built in CD-ROM drive. However, the day after the announcement, Nintendo, broke its deal with PlayStation and went on to partner with Phillips.

The PlayStation was supposed to be an Add-on for the SNES

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