17 Things You Love That Were Either Unintentional or Accidents

5 To cover mistakes, cheeseburgers were invented

Back in the 1920s, a young chef named Lionel Sternberger, burned a hamburger. He then hid the charred spot under a slice of cheese, as claimed by the Rite Spot diner in Pasadena, CA. The burger was then served to the customer who was delighted after eating it.

King size Hamburger

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6Donkey Kong was supposed to be the hero instead of the villain

According to the game manual, it was clearly expressed that Donkey Kong was Mario’s pet who escaped after being mistreated by Mario. In a sense, it was initially meant for Donkey Kong to be one of the heroes and not a villain.

Donkey Kong was supposed to be the hero

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7True Lord of the Rings, Viggo Mortensen

In the first movie of the LOTR trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, when another actor misjudged a throw and accidentally flung a real knife at Viggo Mortensen’s face at a high velocity, Mortensen managed to deflect it with his sword. He managed to swing his sword in time to knock the knife away and this created another unintentional badass moment for his character.

True Lord of the Rings

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8Hackers created Ms. Pac-Man

Two MIT students in 1982, created a game by modifying a Pac-Man machine. The game was called Crazy Otto and Midway liked it so much that they bought it from the students. They replaced Otto with Pac-man wearing a bow and renamed the game Ms. Pac-Man.

Hackers created Ms. Pac-Man

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