17 Things You Love That Were Either Unintentional or Accidents

There is always an origin story behind every single moment or action in life. But, most of the time when someone tries to invent or create something it often turns into something else. In fact, this is how most inventions and innovations turn out, be it scientific, culinary, or artistic. Many a time’s people have come to love the things that turned out differently from what it was intended to be.


Here are some such things that didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to be, but still managed to catch everyone’s attention.

1Hulk’s iconic green color was because Marvel’s Printers were the worst

The character of the hulk was originally designed to be grey in color to not suggest any particular ethnic group. But, the first copy issued made the titular character seem like a big glop of clay which was a different shade on every page. Marvel’s printer really messed up with the grey color and in the next issue the entire color of the hulk was changed to green and no one really noticed it.

Hulks iconic green color

Image Source: quora.com

2Metallica’s superhit song “Nothing Else Matters” was written while James Hetfield was on the phone

James Hetfield wrote Metallica’s super hit prom song “Nothing Else Matters” while talking on the phone with his girlfriend when the band was on tour. He supposedly held the phone in one hand and played with the other.

Metallica’s superhit song

Image Source: pinimg.com

3A lack of baker’s chocolate resulted in the creation of chocolate chip cookies

When the owner of Tollhouse Inn tried to bake regular cookies and found out that she had run out of baker’s chocolate, she used sweetened chocolate as a substitute. She broke the chocolate into small pieces and added that to the cookie dough. At first, she had expected the chocolate to melt, but surprisingly the tiny bits retained their form and ended up becoming a new type of cookie which became the delectable chocolate chip cookies.


Image Source: ranker.com

4Waffle Cones

waffle-like pastries were being sold in booth by a person named Ernest A. Hamwi. His boot happened to be right next an ice cream vendor who ran out of cups. The ice cream vendor then bought his supply of cones which has become very popular till this day.

Waffle Cones

Image Source: imimg.com


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