These Are the Best Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Easily DIY


Only one month till Halloween and we are all relaxed, not bothering about costumes or makeup, because hey, it’s still early. But, if you are taking Halloween a bit more serious than anyone else, this is the perfect time to start planning your costume. Luckily for you, we have some interesting ideas. If you are sick of Little Red Riding Hoods, Snow Whites, Witches, Knights, Super Mario brothers… This is the right article for you.

1 Death Becomes Her

Don’t say that you don’t like this movie! Then why not actually going dressed up like Goldie Hawn’s character, Hel. How you are going to get a hole in your stomach? This is how Evan Booth did it back in 2006. She had a camera in the back of the shirt that recorded a background scene and fed it to a travel-size DVD player in the front that displayed the backdrop. In 2008, artist Nicole Magne used the idea for a costume recreating a scene from the movie Death Becomes Her where Goldie Hawn has a hole blown through her body. She also runs a blog, where you can find detailed instructions on how to make this crazy realistic costume.

Death Becomes Her

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