Talented Photographer Creates Unbelievably Epic Outdoor Scenes on a Table

Today we’re talking about photography and we will be showcasing some stunning shots. But the focus of today’s topic is one very talented photographer by the name Vatsal Kataria. The Indian-born photographer is making waves on social media because of his impressive work. What’s so special about his work? Well, he does outdoor photography but never leaves the studio. He takes some really epic and unbelievable shots of nature but on a table. Yes, this talented and creative artist creates his amazing shots on a studio table.


But how many different shots can one create in a studio on a table? As many as he wants! From rocky mountains to snow-covered hills, from dense forests to raging seas. You’re only limited to your imagination. And the best thing about this is that Vatsal Kataria doesn’t have to travel anywhere and all his shots are extremely budget friendly!

1 A race down a snowy road

If you look at the top image, can you say you knew it was fake? You must have been fooled for a second. You really have to appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these shots. If done naturally and in real life, this shot would have taken hours of precision to pull off.

A race down a snowy road

Image Source: bugaga.ru

2A bike in the rain

Take a moment to soak in the image. Just look at everything going on in the image. It’s just a Ducati standing after a thunderstorm. Just look at all the detail Vatsal has put into the image. All it took was a toy bike on a board with a plastic handmade rock behind it. But the rain? Just water sprayed on to the surroundings.

Bike in the rain

Image Source: piximus.net

3A bike in a snowy cave

Upon first glance could you honestly say this wasn’t a real Harley Davidson parked in a cave for this epic shot? Does Vatsal spend a lot on these? Nope, just plaster and scraps of paper. The snow is actually baking powder. A quick touch of Photoshop to get the tone and colours right and he’s done.

Bike in a snowy cave

Image Source: mdig.com.br

4A classic American military Jeep

One look and this looks like any photograph paying homage to a classic American military Jeep. The Ford GP was a well known American military truck used during the World War. Here, Vatsal pays homage to that truck using a toy, an American flag, and a box. A touch of Photoshop to add the grittiness and yet another outstanding picture was taken in a box.

Classic American military Jeep

Image Source: www.techrum.vn

5A fast car and a gothic mansion

This is another stunning example of creativity. What looks like a sports car parked beside an old gothic-looking castle or mansion is just a toy car beside walls made of Styrofoam and the castle or mansion is made from cardboard. Photoshop to add the sky and correct the colour and he’s done.

Fast car and a gothic mansion

Image Source: www.storypick.com


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