Talented Artist Uses Photoshop To Put Animals Into Places They Should Not Be

11A meowntain

Cats have recently become the Internet’s favorite meme courtesy of the meme with the cat at the table and the lady screaming at it. Cats are very meme-worthy because they do things that no one can understand or explain. This picture is proof that cats belong everywhere and their expressions will always be hilarious. Imagine if a mountain like this actually existed.


Image Source: laughingsquid.com

12Sassy cat

This egg with gilded metal on it is a decorative piece that is found in many countries and in different colors too. The black cat doesn’t come with it and has been Photoshopped. However, it belongs there and fits perfectly. This picture has a very stylish and sassy vibe and we love it. The cat could be a cat model.


Image Source: imgur.com

13Baby Yoda is a tortoise

Tortoises are known to be old and wise creatures. That’s perfectly depicted by Master Oogway from ‘Kung Fu Panda’. Who else is an old and wise master? Yoda from ‘Star Wars’. Recently Baby Yoda has become the Internet’s most loved creature thanks to ‘The Mandalorian’. This picture is the perfect crossover between Baby Yoda, who grew up to be wise and a great teacher and a tortoise.


Image Source: chzbgr.com

14A forgotten or zucchinog?

Many people came up with many funny names for these resultant creatures of Photoshopping. Here is zucchini with a frog imposed on it. Frogs are usually green so it fits perfectly. However, this picture is one of the weirdest and creepiest and we hope this thing never comes to life. People who don’t like frogs will be off zucchini for a while after this.


Image Source: www.boredpanda.com


So far we’ve seen animals on things. But here is an animal on an animal on another animal. Our guess is, this picture originally had just a kangaroo. Someone saw the opportunity to put in more animals and took it. First, they put a giraffe’s body and then attached a rhino’s head. If this thing existed, it would be pretty odd and scary.


Image Source: www.keblog.it


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