Talented Artist Pushed The Boundaries With Incredible Sculptures Made From Gingerbread

6What is a Xenomorph?

A majority of the people reading this will know what a Xenomorph is but for the very few, here’s a recap. We were first introduced to the Xenomorph in 1979’s science fiction movie ‘Alien’ that was directed and created by Ridley Scott. The creature was made from practical effects and is now considered one of the greatest movie monsters ever created.

What is a Xenomorph?

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7They have a ton of detail

The Xenomorphs shown in all the movies have a ton of detail on their bodies. Caroline has done an amazing job to replicate this using nothing but gingerbread. This is very impressive work and something that is proof of just how talented she really is. The amount of time she puts in is really incredible.

They have a ton of detail

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8Pushing the boundaries

When she began baking in her childhood she did what everyone used to do. She made houses, boats but soon she started getting creative. Once she was a student in stop motion animation and with the help of 3D technology she was able to explore what else she could create with gingerbread.

Pushing the boundaries

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9Not the first time her work went viral

This is not the first time that her work has gone viral. A few years ago her work making a gingerbread sculpture of legendary ‘Smaug’ from the ‘The Hobbit’ movies gained her social media attention. The sculpture of the greedy dragon from J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy was impressive and just a glimpse of how creative she actually was.


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10Praises from the sculpting community

Although the gingerbread sculpting community is small but a sculpture is a sculpture and any artist can appreciate the amount of work and effort put into making it look as good as Caroline does. While others do it with clay or materials that are easy to mold and hold their shape, she does it with syrup and flour.

Praises from the sculpting community

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