Talented Artist Pushed The Boundaries With Incredible Sculptures Made From Gingerbread

A gingerbread house is a novelty confectionery this is shaped like a traditional building and is made entirely out of cookie dough which is cut and baked into appropriate components of the house like the walls, door, and the roof. It is then decorated with icing and other toppings to make it look grander.


But, that is a tradition that has been going on for ages. So, what does Swedish food artist and motion designer, Caroline Eriksson do with her gingerbread? She doesn’t make houses; she makes a Xenomorph among other iconic movie characters.

1Caroline Eriksson

Caroline Eriksson is a Swedish food artist and motion designer whose incredible works with gingerbread went viral during the 2019 Christmas season. She is now known for taking a Christmas treat and instead of just making a house out of it she makes it look like iconic movie characters. The process takes a lot of time but the final result is nothing less than breathtaking.

Caroline Eriksson

Image Source: pinimg.com

2An annual tradition

This is not the first time that Caroline is fashioning a holiday treat into something stunning but it is actually an annual tradition for her. At the 2013 Mill Gingerbread Competition in Norway, she won her first prize which was for her Optimus Prime statue from ‘The Transformers’ movie franchise. This was made entirely from gingerbread.

An annual tradition

Image Source: twimg.com

3This is not your typical building material

People have made sculptures form weirder materials than gingerbread. The process starts out just like any sculpture making process. The body is made from a wireframe on which the gingerbread will rest. This wireframe will provide stability and weight. The wireframe can be considered to be the skeleton of the finished product.

This is not your typical building material

Image Source: billionnews.ru

4Then the baking begins

Once she has the wireframe how she needs it to be then she begins the baking process. Depending on the size and scale the project can take from 1 to 5 weeks to complete. Baking gingerbread was something she has been doing ever since she was a child and just decided to push the boundaries and see how far she could go.

Then the baking begins

Image Source: radioservices.sk

5The detail is amazing

The reason why the process takes so long is the amount of detail she puts into her work. It is not made to vaguely resemble some famous movie character but it looks like a professionally designed model for the character that is also edible. The level of tiny detail in her work is also immense.

The detail is amazing

Image Source: pinimg.com


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