Take This Really Fun Home Alone Test To Know More about Your Personality

Home Alone’ is the iconic 90s movie that showed us how a young boy of only 8-years can defend his home from two robbers if he just believes in himself. Kevin really stole all our hearts with his undying self-confidence and never-give-up attitude.


Kevin wasn’t the only character we loved in the movie but there was also his mom, dad, and side characters as well as the bad guys who stole our hearts. The movie was well made and had very interesting characters for all to love. Today we have for you a simple test that will tell you a bit about your personality based on the characters from the movie.

1The Test

The test is really simple and all we want you to do is look at this image. Look at the image and think of the character you see clearly. Whichever character from the movie you can see the clearest remember their name. Based on your pick each character will tell you something different about your personality or what kind of person you are.

Image Source: sympa-sympa.com

2If you saw Kevin

If your eyes were able to pick up Kevin before anyone else that means you are a very resourceful person and you know how to get out of situations. You might even be using Kevin’s motto of “Do not retreat and do not give up”. This makes you very courageous and someone who can face anything and be able to find a way out of it.

Image Source: arabwindow.net

3Kevin in the movie

In the movie, Kevin is just 8-years-old when his family accidentally leaves him home alone when they leave for their vacation trip. With the family gone two robbers plan on looting the house and Kevin is left to save his home all by himself. Throughout the movie, we see Kevin’s resourcefulness and how he adapts to the situation.

Image Source: mamamia.com.au

4If you saw Kevin’s dad

If you saw Kevin’s dad on first glance that means you’re confident and calm and can handle most situations easily. You can easily handle a stressful situation with your colleagues or even loved ones and you have the ability to calm the situation and people down. You have a sense of optimism and know when and how to stay cool and practical.

Image Source: bountystar.com

5Kevin’s dad in the movie

In both movies Kevin’s dad, Peter McCallister is seen to remain calm and collective and give the mother the hope and reassurance she needs throughout the journeys. He never loses his cool and never makes rash decisions and is the type of person you need to be with the family when someone goes missing.

Image Source: hearstapps.com

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