Strange Social Gatherings around the World

Strange events happen every day. These events are all large social gatherings that are much waited for all year long. Many people can barely wait to get to these strange happenings. With these talked about events, many people form large crowds and indulge themselves on crazy actions. Well, crazy is a very widely accept term. But it is safe to say these are some of the strangest events on the face of the planet. Here is the utterly strange list.

1 The Las Fallas

This is a unique and widely celebrated event in Valancia. It is strictly about the community and the unity of the city that the celebration transcends. This event takes place on the 15th through the 19th of March every year. Over the-five day period many event and happenings occur. What makes this festival strange is what happens at night during the last night of the festival. On the last night everyone in the community burns something. This can be any ruble lying around or apart of their own house. This does not include just one fire but thousands of fires all over the city. With representation of keeping the community whole and together, this festival happens every year to ensure the city sticks together.

The Las Fallas

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