15 Spellbinding Photos from Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019

6 The Moment” By Yongqing Bao, China, Behavior: Mammals, Grand Title Winner

This photo was declared the best wildlife photo of 2019. It depicted a Himalayan Marmot just out of hibernation and was suddenly startled by a female Tibetan Fox who had three of her own hungry cubs to feed. It was an attack no doubt but the lightning reflexes of the photographer in capturing it with the fox baring its teeth and the startled marmot looks terrifying and comical in a similar vein.


Image Source: cnn.com

7“Snow Landing” By Jérémie Villet, France, Rising Star Portfolio Award, Winner 2019

Here is another shot of a stunning bald eagle fixated on its prey and landing on fresh snow on a riverbank. The shot took photographer Jeremie Villet a week of observation to reach a good position for capturing the portrait. An abundance of salmon that come to the river to spawn makes it easy for eagles to get a meal. Almost 3000 bald eagles collect at Chilkat River in Alaska to feed on salmon.


Image Source: kapook.com

8“If Penguins Could Fly” Behavior: Mammals, Highly Commended 2019: By Eduardo Del Alamo, Spain,

This is a picture of a gentoo penguin fleeing as a leopard seal suddenly jumps out of the water to attack it. Leopard seals are fierce predators whose slender bodies are designed for speed. Their wide jaws have long canine teeth and they will hunt almost everything and change their diet according to what’s available.


Image Source: hwupgrade.it

9“Sky Hole” By Sven Začek, Estonia, Earth’s Environments, Highly Commended 2019

This amazing photograph was taken from a drone flown directly above the small lake. Sven waited as the sun emerged from behind the clouds so that the sky’s reflection could be captured in the lake’s surface. The photo was taken in Karula National Park in Estonia.


Image Source: boredpanda.com

10Big Cat and Dog Spat” By Peter Haygarth, UK, Behavior: Mammals, Highly Commended 2019

This was a rare encounter captured by Peter Haygarth which shows an unusual spat between a lone cheetah and African wild dogs. Because they are in the majority, their confidence grew to try and attack the cheetah but the cat fled the scene.


Image Source: twimg.com


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