12 Secrets Most Plane Passengers Don’t Know About That Can Make Travel A Lot Easier

Travelling long-distance, flights, airports do not exactly exude the feelings of comfort and relaxation and are often associated with exhaustion, monotony, boredom and sometimes frustrations. It can be very tiring in fact waiting in airports between flights and what’s worse is the jet lag especially of its a long flight. But there are certain hacks which if you know than you travel as well wait in the airport will be less tedious.


1How to handle luggage: Make them stand out

Use the “Fragile” sticker on your luggage. Not because it will safeguard your valuables but also it would make it move faster and with care. Usually, the bags with these stickers are put on top of other bags which means they will be the first one to arrive on the conveyor belt in the airport.

Here’s another tip most of the people go for the dark shades bags and trolleys which look almost identical and are therefore difficult to identify fast. Go for bright coloured bags or have interesting paintings or stickers on it which will make them stand out in the heap of luggage.


Image Source: mtdata.ru

2How to pack your things correctly

If you have breakable items in your bag try to fill your bag completely so that they do not have any room to move about and collide against other hard items and develop cracks. Place the heavier objects on the sides of the bags and the most fragile stuffs should be in the middle.


Also, it’s important to take a few pictures of all the stuff well packed in the bag before locking it so that you have proof in case something is missing in the transit.

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3How to save money when buying tickets

Yes, there is a smart way to toggle your computer keys and get cheaper tickets! Its true just press control plus shift plus N key and you will enter the incognito mode and you can buy the tickets in a cheaper rate. The logic is, this way the airline server cannot trace your search history and won’t offer tickets at an elevated rate as if the prices are soaring per minute. It’s a way to beat them in their own game.

Frequent fliers always book their tickets after 3 pm on a Tuesday. Also, if possible, book them six weeks before the travel date. Logic here is that the busiest booking times are Friday’s evenings and Monday mornings, so the tickets are the costliest at these hours.


Image Source: brightside.me

4How to choose the right place on the plane

Aisle seats are hated for a logical reason, the armrest cannot be lifted, its uncomfortable with no privacy (if any you can expect any in economy class) plus you cannot stand up if the food tray is down etc. But there is a secret button through which the armrest can be lifted. Don’t ask the attendant as she will not tell you.


If you plan to sleep on the flight make sure you choose the window seat and keep in mind the direction you usually sleep at home and accordingly select the wing side of the plane so that you can sleep better.

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