13 Secret Codes to Find Popular Whatsapp Emojis Including the Hidden Flag for Transgender Pride

9Flags create a symbol of community

We all know that flags are a symbol of unity for a cause that makes it possible for people to rally around one another. It creates a common identity and the transgender Pride Flag has always been one popular flag request that needed approval by Unicode which is a character coding standard that many use for creating such symbols. However, Whatsapp went one step ahead and added their own transgender flag in their emoji list.


10Supported by Android

This Unicode has been supported only by Whatsapp for Android that will show the symbol after two characters are typed in the search bar or chat. It’s the white flag along with the symbol of male and female that was usually regarded as a symbol for the transgender community. The problem is that the flag symbol itself has not been included in the emoji stock and some Whatsapp versions don’t include the male and female combination symbol but separate ones.

LGBT flag
Image Source: metro.co.uk

11How to get the transgender flag

So how do you get the transgender flag that works in Whatsapp for Android? It isn’t accessible via the Whatsapp emoji keyboard. All you have to do is visit this link to copy and paste the transgender flag here and then simply paste it into your chat. It is a symbol of the waving white flag and the male with stroke and female sign.   Or you can just copy and paste this into your Whatsapp chat. ?‍⚧


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