13 Secret Codes to Find Popular Whatsapp Emojis Including the Hidden Flag for Transgender Pride

Among all chat applications for your Smartphone, there is none that is as popular as Whatsapp. The application is used by billions of users worldwide and almost everyone around the globe knows how to use Whatsapp. However, as far back as 2017, Whatsapp has been constantly updating its emoticons or emojis. But, did you know that not all emojis can be accessed from the emojis available as you type and look for them? What if we told you that there are codewords that you can instantly access such emojis, wouldn’t that be fun. And for the LGBT community, Whatsapp has a fantastic surprise for you too. So have fun. What’s cool about this is that instead of wasting time hunting for emojis, all you have to do is type the keywords and you get the specific choices.


1An easy way to access emojis

The updated emoticon stock of Whatsapp is not shown in the emoticon bar. These are emojis that will appear only when you type a particular keyword. It might be a difficult task to find all those emoticons, so to give you some help, we have listed some secret Whatsapp emojis with the keyword or phrases that will unlock them. While typing all you have to do is in the emoji search bar, type the keyword. Here we go.

An easy way to access emojis
Image Source: www.emojimeanings.net

2Giggle and face with symbol

The giggle emoji is a cute emoticon that shows a giggling face with a hand over the mouth. The face with symbol shows an angry face spewing expletives. A nice emojis when letting your friends have it. To access them type the words you see in the image at the side of the emoticon in the image.


3The vampire and shushing someone

The vampire emoji is a cute female vampire. All you need to do to access it is just type in the emoji search bar “Vampire”.  In fact, along with the vampire face, you also get the coffin and bat. Similarly,  if you want to access the shushing emoji that shows a face with a finger over its mouth to stay quiet type “Shushing’ or “Quiet”

4Monocle face and zombie

Here is another emoji used by many. To get out the monocle face just type in the emoji search bar the phrase “ face with monocle” and it will appear. To get the zombie face, just type “Zombie” and you will get both the male and female zombies.


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