Prepare These Spooky Halloween Foods


Halloween is becoming worldly accepted western holiday. It maybe an excuse to dress up and wear your favorite costume, but if you are into the whole scary and spooky atmosphere, you are probably very much into Halloween decoration, costumes and of course food. We have seen that kids go to each house for “Trick or Treat” in order to get some candies and cookies, so it would be a really cool thing to offer them theme decorated food. If you are talented cook, you would like to try these recipes. If you don’t get kids at the door who yell “Trick or treat”, but you do want to throw a party for your friends, these are also ideal ways to surprise them.

1 Spooky pizza

This is pretty easy, all you need is some imagination. Get a pizza crust or several individual ones and get creative with the toppings. String cheese can be turned into a simple spider web and a black olive makes an excellent spider. Strips of cheese can be laid across the pizza to turn it into a mummy with a couple of olive eyes. Orange cheddar cheese can be used to make a pumpkin face on your pizza, too.

Spooky pizza

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2 Donuts

You can make all types of donuts like pumpkin donuts, Zombie donuts, or spider ones. We suggest you to make vampire or mummy decorated donuts. Pick up a box of glazed donuts and with a couple of chocolate chips or red hot candies, add some eyes. To make them into vampires, you can use the fake vampire teeth that are always available around Halloween, or stick some candy corn into the donuts center to create a snarling mouth.


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3 Ghost looking eggs

This one is way too easy. All you need is some hard boiled eggs and peel them. Cut a little off the large end so the eggs will stand up. Use a food marker or a Q-tip dipped in black food coloring to draw little eyes and a mouth on the ghost egg. Also, you can do this even if you don’t want to peel the eggs. Just draw whatever you want on the egg shell and you are done.

Ghost looking eggs

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4 Mummy dogs

Hot dogs but decorated as old Egyptians mummies. In order to make this cut thin strips of crescent roll dough or biscuit dough and wrap them around a hot dog sausage like a mummy, leaving a little space for the eyes. Bake the mummy dogs at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until the dough is cooked through. Add dogs of ketchup for the eyes and serve.

Mummy dogs

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5 Halloween sandwiches

All you have to do is cut off the crusts from the bread and then shape the middle in a coffin. On top of it you can write R.I.P or draw some spiders. Of course you can fill the sandwich with whatever you want – you can add mayo, salami, lettuce, or whatever you feel like eating.

Halloween sandwiches

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6 Tombstone cookies

These cookies make a nice Halloween snack and great table decoration at the same time. Fill a glass with chocolate pudding, add some dark chocolate chips and a simple cracker with written R.I.P on them. And that is it – your tombstone cookies are done.

Tombstone cookies

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7 Zombie eyes

These are actually meatballs with stuck green olive in the middle. They are easy to prepare, you just need to made good old meatballs, green olives with red pepper in the middle. Cut the olive in half, stuck it in the middle of the meatball and you are done. You can fry them or roast them.

Zombie eyes

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8 Any dip with witch fingers

This can be done very simple. Pick your favorite dip or a salad, cut some carrots, make their point sharp, add some cream on top of them and potatoes or peeled almonds (those would represent the nails), stick five of them in the dip and your bowl is now scary and spooky. You can add a spider made from black olives too.

Any dip with witch fingers

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