Prepare These Spooky Halloween Foods

Halloween is becoming worldly accepted western holiday. It maybe an excuse to dress up and wear your favorite costume, but if you are into the whole scary and spooky atmosphere, you are probably very much into Halloween decoration, costumes and of course food. We have seen that kids go to each house for “Trick or Treat” in order to get some candies and cookies, so it would be a really cool thing to offer them theme decorated food. If you are talented cook, you would like to try these recipes. If you don’t get kids at the door who yell “Trick or treat”, but you do want to throw a party for your friends, these are also ideal ways to surprise them.

1 Spooky pizza

This is pretty easy, all you need is some imagination. Get a pizza crust or several individual ones and get creative with the toppings. String cheese can be turned into a simple spider web and a black olive makes an excellent spider. Strips of cheese can be laid across the pizza to turn it into a mummy with a couple of olive eyes. Orange cheddar cheese can be used to make a pumpkin face on your pizza, too.

Spooky pizza

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