18 Popular Hollywood Movies That Have Hilarious Titles in Other Countries

13My Boyfriend is a Psycho

Well, this movie title “the silver linings playbook” had a lot of linguistic problems to get the exact replica of its name so it became “they’re both crazy” in Russia, France called it “Happiness therapy” and Lithuania called it the “story of optimistic. Britain just called it “ The Silver lining”. The culprit here is being the lack of any European equivalent to the phrase “every cloud has a silver lining”. So each culture tried to improvise it in their own way which is cute.

My Boyfriend is a Psycho

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14The Teeth of the Sea

The genius of Spielberg does not lie only in his compelling storytelling but also his exceptional marketing skills, which defines simplicity with maximum impact. The movie posters in itself with a woman swimming dangerously over a cannibalistic shark gave the perfect effect and scare to all. And the title “Jaws” resonated with the theme and fear of the movie. But when released in France the title was changed (The teeth of the sea).

The Teeth of the Sea

Image Source: tchkcdn.com

15Mom, I Missed the Plane

Talk about cultural contrast here, little Kevin is left-back by his family by mistake and he finds himself “Home Alone” for Christmas. But the French version somehow twists the title in such an insidious way that the whole mayhem which issues in the movie is blamed on the kid himself! Well if you want to watch this classic to massage parental ego, go for the French version.

Mom, I Missed the Plane

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16Dimwit Surges Forth

This Adam Sandler movie “The Water Boy” was supposedly sarcastically renamed in Thailand “Dimwit surges Forth.” Adam Sandler is not exactly known for inspirational, hard-hitting movies, but ironically this is exactly what happens in the movie.

Dimwit Surges Forth

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17The Incredible Journey in a Crazy Plane

This American, comedy cum disaster spoof movie called the “Airplane” had been named quite literally all across the world such as The Title of this piece of the heading comes from Germany, followed by Italy calling it “The Craziest Plane in the word” Countries such as France, Peru, and Croatia went a step forward by naming it “Is there a Pilot on this plane”. In fact, even during the production of the movie itself, it was called “Kentucky Fried Airplane.”

The Incredible Journey in a Crazy Plane

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18Big Liar

The movie called “Nixon” was a biopic of this flawed American president played by Anthony Hopkins. This disgraced president was humanized by the movie but in China, the movie released with the title “Big Liar”. Well, some countries just do not beat around the bush, do they?

Big Liar

Image Source: abcnews.com


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