18 Popular Hollywood Movies That Have Hilarious Titles in Other Countries

5He’s a Ghost!

The Chinese title to the thriller movie the “Sixth Sense” was a complete buzz kill for this Oscar-nominated movie masterpiece. Can’t help feeling sorry for our Chinese brethren though that they missed the thrill of the movie climax.

He is a Ghost

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6The Boy Drowned in the Chocolate Sauce

Denmark made the movie title sound a lot more morbid and scary since the fatty Augustus Glood does end up in the chocolate stream but it doesn’t it really ends up as horrid as the title suggests. Other countries also tweaked the name but it was reasonable such as Spain called it ” A Fantasy World”.

The Boy Drowned in the Chocolate Sauce

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7Die Hard: Mega Hard

The Danish language is a language of intensity and superlative, which much we have understood by now. Logically the word Mega means larger than life, it also means a million so the literal translation of Die hard with a vengeance would be “Die a Million times hard” Ouch.

Die Hard: Mega Hard

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8I’m Drunk and You are a Prostitute

Well, it’s true Japanese do not like to mince words and prefer coming to the point, quite abruptly sometimes. That’s why the title if “ Leaving Las Vegas” in which Nicholas cage is self-destructive drunk and gets his best actor Oscar for his riveting role is simply called a “ drunk” and the nuanced performance by Elisabeth Shue ( yes she is a prostitute) is simply called out by her profession and not by her role in the movie.

I’m Drunk and You are a Prostitute

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