18 Popular Hollywood Movies That Have Hilarious Titles in Other Countries

The age of globalization, has had some ridiculous effects on movies. What you may not know is that the popular Hollywood movies that you see at home have very different names abroad. When it comes to the names of super hit Hollywood movies which are premiered and dubbed in foreign nations, somehow their trademark names get completely muddled up and are really lost in translations! In fact, movies are premiered in countries around the world with translated names that are weird and comical. Here are some hilarious examples.


1 The War of the Stars

Yes, that’s Star Wars for you in France and the Spanish title was even worse.“The War of the Galaxies! Well, the damage was not just limited to the titles of these historic movies but also extended to the world-famous characters of the movies too! Han Solo was Yan solo with his sidekick getting a new French name “Chico” instead of the old trusted Chewie. And to add salt to the ultimate injury the famous ship “Millennium Falcon” was named ….be ready to cringe- “The Millennium Condor”.

 The War of the Stars

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2Knight of the Night

The Spanish audience decided to go with the original plot, but they were quite literal with the name as most of the film is actually shot at night, so much for your romantic idea that they understood the nuance of the movie and emotions of the protagonist and his pain.

Knight of the Night

Image Source: cloudfront.net


3Super Power Dare Die Team

Trust us when we say that not even any cinematic genius would have guessed what this Chinese movie title was all about. It was the Chinese title of the “The Ghost Busters Reboot”!!! But given the fact this movie never got released in the country, it does not really matter that much though. The reasons for the ban were equally ridiculous as the translation of the title. According to the Chinese filming guidelines it “did not resonate with Chinese values as it encouraged the concept of cult and supernatural and wouldn’t appeal the Chinese audience.

Super Power Dare Die Team

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4A Very Powerful Whale jumps to Heaven

Trust the Chinese to turn a tear jerker with a happy ending to a higher spiritual level. Willy’s final escape to the ocean was his jump to the eternal freedom and the ocean means heaven for the Chinese. Made the happy ending quite sordid didn’t it?

A Very Powerful Whale jumps to Heaven

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