Grab the Ghoulie and Ghostie Pokémon form Niantic’s Pokémon Halloween Special

A Halloween of Pokémon’s!!! How awesome for all the Pokémon fans out there. As if Halloween wasn’t scary enough, now you get to run after an increased number of Pokémon’s all created for to make a Pokémon Halloween special.


Pokémon players in the US will have much to rejoice about with a whole new bunch of ghoulie Pokémon’s.

1 Niantic’s Ghoulie Pokémon special

As a Halloween special Niantic is going to gift the public a set of ghoulie and ghostie Pokémon’s.


The Pokémon Halloween special will start from October 26th till November 1st. Fans will see an increase of Gengar, Ghastly, Haunter, Drowsy, Hypnos, Goldbat and Zubat.

Niantic’s Ghoulie Pokémon special

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2 Extra Rewards and Candies

Trainers too have something in store for them with an increase in candy rewards. Every Pokémon buddy will get four times more rewards than usual. If you catch a Pokémon within the Halloween week you get six candies which is simply awesome. Thank you Niantic. Transfers will be now worth two candies. So start cashing in on the Pidgeys, Rattatas and Parases.

There is only one drawback. Even as fans have complained about Zubat and Drowzee being the worst offenders in the game, both have been included into the roster. Zubat appears almost everywhere.

Celebrate Halloween in pokemon go

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3 Hopefully Niantic keeps up with expectations

Due to the excess of Drubats and Drowzees, the phenomenon might soon blow over because of the removal of third party trackers on the app. That was the biggest blow to pokehunters globally.

The only hope for Niantic to keep Pokémon as spectacular as it is will be to keep introducing new stuff or organizing online events like the Pokémon Halloween special. Watch the video for illustrated details.


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