Pixar’s short animation film “Borrowed Time” is creating waves worldwide as a very dark but touching film

Pixar animation studios the subsidiary of Walt Disney is well known for its dark animation themes and bold storylines. Pixar has never failed to enthrall audiences with its fantastic animated movies such as Wall E, Brave, Toy story, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. However a new offering form Pixar is creating waves worldwide.


Pixar’s ‘Borrowed Time’ is a short animated film made by Lou Hamou-Lhadj and Andrew Coats in their spare time. The short story has even been screened in film festivals to excellent reviews and is attracting attention for its dark theme of emotional loss and Mourning.

1 A Dark Tragic Theme

According to Hamou-Lhadj, “ We really wanted to make something that was a little bit more adult in the thematic choices, and show that animation could be a medium to tell any sort of story.”


Although as Hamou –Lhadj admits, the theme is dark but it doesn’t stray from the Pixar touch.

A Dark Tragic Theme

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2 Incredible detail and spectacular imagery

Pixar’s Borrowed time which is a short effective and powerful vignette is all about family bonds. It is the story of a small town sheriff who returns to the scene of a tragic incident. What is remarkable about the film is it fantastic attention to detail. The audience can well relate to the central character bought to life as he walks across the cliffs reliving sad memories. The physics of every moment in the film leaves audiences spellbound.

Don’t forget to watch ‘borrowed time’ as one of the most dramatic animation stories from the Pixar stable. The short is directed by Andrew Coats and Lou Hanou-Lhadj, produced by Amanda Deering with music by Academy Award winner Gustavo Sanaolalla.


Here is the short animated video:


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