15 Pictures Which Prove That We Are Still Having a Better Day

11Same here buddy

This one may just be a tad sad. This is clearly a school library. There is a note stuck to a shelf by someone called Frank who says he is doing the best he can. He has addressed it to God. We wonder what the poor boy is going through that he has to address God and tell him he is doing the best he can.

Image Source: dailylolpics.com

12Laughing about being single

Valentine’s Day just passed and we sure saw some single, lonely people. One of them must have created this post. It shows a picture of a couple.  The post says that Mike had asked her out and they had gone out on a date and it was awful. They haven’t spoken since and this isn’t her picture. The meme is funny but there must have been some pain.

Image Source: instagram.com

13Can I find love?

We have all met some people who are old and still single. They haven’t found anyone in life. Chances of that happening are low now with online dating. In this picture, we can see an old man with a sign on his back reading “heartbroken lonely needs real love no games”. We feel sad that he still hasn’t found love.

Image Source: pinimg.com

14A parent’s worst nightmare

We cannot express how scared we’re feeling looking at this image. This is easily any and every parent’s worst nightmare. One moment they’re playing with their kids and the next those kids are flying out of control. Since the parents are on a beach and we’re sure they caught the kids before they fell, we hope nothing bad happened to the children.

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

15Not part of the ride

Can you imagine how terrified these people must have been feeling? They’re on a roller coaster ride that goes at insane speeds and has ups and downs and now they are stuck at a straight angle. Being stuck there hoping not to fall must be a heart-stopping experience.

Image Source: pinimg.com

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