15 Pictures Which Prove That We Are Still Having a Better Day

6Wrong place wrong time

We wonder how the poor animal even got into this situation. But it must have been a long time ago. This stag or antelope must have gotten stuck in this crevice. Even after struggling it couldn’t come out and ultimately died out of hunger. This is similar to the movie 127 Hours where the protagonist had to cut his hand to get out of a similar situation. Thankful it wasn’t you?

Image Source: lelombrik.net

7When life gives you

This sign says “When life gives you lemons be glad it wasn’t herpes”. This is surely funny but it also has a deeper meaning. There are many people who actually suffer, not just from herpes, but also various other diseases and afflictions, that may seem nominal for you but cause real inconveniences for them. All you can do is be happy that you are healthy.

Image Source: imgur.com

8Looking at social media

Looking at social media, we can see that the demographic from 18 to 22 are characterized by extremely lazy people. Most of these people feel the same way and this post represents it perfectly. Netflix, books, and sleep are what we want most. But we have school and college to attend and we also want to travel but are broke.

Image Source: imgur.com


So imagine you just got home from work, after a long and tiring day. All you want to d now is just get into the shower, eat something comforting and watch some TV or read. You put your key into the keyhole and it just breaks! You now have to get someone like Diamondback Lock and Key Of Scottsdale to fish the broken key out of the lock and make you a new one. The frustration is going to be too much. Luckily, most locksmiths work quickly so you won’t be without a key for too long.

Image Source: southshorelocksmiths.com

10Diet? What diet?

Our condolences are with all those who have just started a diet. It’s definitely not easy to eat healthily. The attractions of high fat, high salt, high sugar foods like cakes, pastries, cookies, Coke, Pepsi, chips, pizza, burgers, cheese, etc. are hard to avoid. Especially at the beginning of the diet, you need a resolve of steel. Are you glad you are not on a diet and can eat whatever you want?

Image Source: www.humanityworld.me

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