15 Pictures Which Prove That We Are Still Having a Better Day

No matter what we get in life, we never seem to be satisfied enough. We always compare our own situations with other people. We think about what they have that we don’t often forget about what we have but they don’t. It may seem like everyone who has a perfect life is happy, but that’s not it. Happiness doesn’t come to everyone.


These 15 pictures will make you feel better about yourself and value what you have, no matter how simple. Some of these are funny and some actually send a message across. So don’t crib about what you don’t have. Rejoice in what you do have.


Everyone is not lucky enough to find love in their lives. We all try to find love. This often leads to heartbreak. Many people go through several heartbreaks before finding true love. Some still don’t find love and end up being heartbroken and alone forever. If you have someone special in your life, be thankful as everyone doesn’t have the blessing.

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If you have been blessed with good health, you are lucky. Many people are not. You may not have been affected by anything major in life. But a lot of people have t deal with disease, minor and major. They can’t often lead normal lives due to this. Appreciate your body and be thankful for your good health.

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A lot of people experience stress from a young age. They can’t handle the requirements of daily life. They often end up depressed and sad. You should be thankful if you are healthy and happy. Dealing with stress is an ability a lot of people don’t possess. If you can, be thankful.

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Life is precious and we should appreciate it every day. There are so many people who have wonderful lives and then suddenly meet with an unfortunate accident. This claims their life or ruins it. Accidents are completely unforeseen. They can happen to anyone for no reason at all. Therefore, it is important we live in the moment and let people know we love them because life is not permanent.

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5That shouldn’t be on Tinder

From the picture, we can see that this is a man named Ron. We wonder why this miserable and funny picture is on his Tinder. Did he put it up himself as a joke or was he pranked? He just got himself a drink and then tripped and fell and managed to get the drink all over himself. We are sure you are quite pleased that this isn’t on your Tinder profile.

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