16 Pictures Which Are So Perfect That It’s Hard To Believe They Are Not Photoshopped

Whenever we see beautiful photos nowadays, the first question that pops up in our minds is whether this photo is real or photoshopped. The technology has provided us with so many tools and applications that making changes in photos has become very easy and pictures can be made to look very beautiful. However, there are times when the photos are clicked in such a perfect manner that they look better and more beautiful than the photoshopped ones.


Sometimes, the angle and the timing of the click work wonders and give a flawless photo. Here are 16 examples to prove it:

1 Coming out of tunnel

This photo was posted by a reddit user and if we don’t read the text, we will surely take it as a result of photoshop but is that really the case? Well not at all! The cute little girl was just coming out of a tunnel when her daddy clicked her but lighting made it look as photoshopped.

Coming out of tunnel

Image Source: imgur.com

2Pink Pearl Apple

There is an old proverb- an apple a day keeps the doctor away. We don’t know how much you follow this but even if you don’t like apples, you just can’t afford to ignore the Pink Pearl Apple.


Albert Etter, a northern California breeder, is the man who developed this breed of apples that have bright pink flesh. The color of their skin is yellow-green; a sweet aroma comes from them and they have a sweet-tart flavor. So you may think that it is photoshop but this is a real fruit.

Pink Pearl Apple

Image Source: imgur.com


3A rose so beautiful that it looks unreal

Roses come in various colors and rose of each color has its own meaning and significance. But what will you say about this lovely one which has two shades? Well, it won’t be wrong to say that this flower is so beautiful that you may think it to be photoshopped at the first glance.

Hybrid Rose

Image Source: redditmedia.com


4Birds mostly crows sitting on the top of snow-laden trees

Have you ever imagined how will be the top view of thousands of birds, mostly crows, while they sit on the snow-laden trees?

Well, here is the answer to the question as the pic shows thousands of birds sitting on top of snow-laden trees in downtown Portland, Oregon. The online users felt hungry as some are calling the formation as dragon fruit while few others thought it to be poppy seed muffin.

Crows sitting on the top of snow-laden trees

Image Source: bemethis.com

5This is a real tree

No, it is not a photoshopped image and this big tree is a real one. It is a baobab tree in South Africa which is more than 2000 years old and is called “tree of life.” Some of its hollowed trunks are used to give shelter to nearly 40 people and it can hold huge amount of water upto 4500 liters.

Hollowed trunks of tree

Image Source: redd.it

6A carpet that looks like wormhole

This Iranian carpet has a great design and undoubtedly, a good job has been done by the makers but it is a little intimidating as many will be afraid of stepping on it. It seems to be an actual wormhole by which a person can travel back in time but many others will think it to be the opening of a hole.

A carpet that looks like wormhole


7What is it?

Yes, we know it’s beautiful but can you tell what is it? One reddit user was shaking a box of toothpicks and they got arranged like this. Seems hard to believe but these are toothpicks and no photoshop has been done in this photo. You just need to be a little creative and experimental and you will be able to find beauty in almost everything.

Box of toothpicks

Image Source: redd.it


8The lightning cat

It may seem as if the cat has been lightened up with some photoshop effect but in reality it is just sitting on a garden light. The black color of the cat and the looks that it is giving make it more difficult to believe that the photo is real but it is.

The lightning cat

Image Source: lifebuzz.com

9The weightlifter who defies gravity

This is a perfectly timed photo of Colombian weightlifter Lesman Paredes and it was clicked during the 2015 Junior World Weightlifting Championships. This photo has become a possibility because of the bouncy surface, the amount of weight which was dropped from a good height that further pushed the weightlifter up and the pose given by Lesman which makes us feel that he is flying.

The weightlifter who defies gravity

Image Source: sovet-ok.ru

10Bridge which is an optical illusion too

To all of us, it may appear that the bridge is ending in the middle but it is just an optical illusion. The name of the bridge is Storseisundet Bridge and many people flock to see it in Norway. Locals also call it “The Drunk Bridge” while a news daily has termed it as “the road to nowhere.” This is a weird construction and it looks different from each angle.

Optical illusion bridge

Image Source: pinimg.com


11Now that could have cost life

The obsession of a perfect shot can make you do many things, sometimes very risky ones. This is a Russian model Viki Odintkova who gave this shot from the top of Dubai’s Cayan Tower and she did all this just for the glory without any precautions. However, taking this type of shot from the top of one of the tallest buildings of the world is definitely not advisable.

Selfie of risk

Image Source: www.revistaelparche.co

12Where is the neck?

At the first sight, it may appear as if the dog’s head is floating in the air. However in actual fact, the dog’s neck is of white color and due to light or background, it is not clearly visible. Moreover, the dark color of its head further adds to the whole enigma and gives the impression as if the head is separated from the body.

Dog without neck

Image Source: imgur.com

13A giant flamingo

An aerial photographer Bobby Haas took this photo and though it may seem unreal, it is absolutely untouched. The picture was clicked in Yucatan, Mexico, where lots of flamingos gathered and made a shape of a giant flamingo. However, the photographer realized after few months that he has clicked a masterpiece.

Giant flamingo

Image Source: abduzeedo.com


14Trees after flood situation, Pakistan

It rained heavily in 2010 in Pakistani villages and cities which led to flood situation. It took a lot of time for life to become normal and it was then that the citizens noticed something unusual on trees. The water got cleared very slowly because of which all the insects including spiders climbed up trees to save their lives and the result was these cocooned trees.

Trees after flood situation

Image Source: www.erhoehtesbewusstsein.de

15An owl in coffee cup

It is neither a photoshopped image nor the cream art which is done at some places. This image gives the impression as if an owl is peeping from inside the coffee cup which is filled with coffee; however in reality, this effect came up after a pair of hula hoops was dropped in the coffee.

An owl in coffee cup

Image Source: coda-craven.org

16Dog walking on the wall

It may look to us that the dog is walking on the wall while the people in the photo are standing beside the wall. But actually the dog is standing on the floor and the people are lying on the floor, giving poses as if they are standing. It’s just the angle of taking the photo which has confused the viewers.

Dog walking on the wall

Image Source: epimg.net


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