20+ Pictures Of Pure Joy Captured On Camera Just Before It Happened

Everyone likes pictures which convey pure, unadulterated happiness. In a way, these kind of pictures are a form of therapy. A website called Brightside collected a number of pictures of people from around the world, amidst a terribly joyous moment. Have a look



This young dad met his two-year-old daughter for the first time after his his ex-wife had hidden the child from him. Just look at their faces!


Image Source: brightside.me



This child comes home after two weeks of serious intensive care, and honestly he looks real comfortable.


Image Source: www.bomb01.com


3Fantastical champion

This young woman won a fantasy football tournament  amid mostly male colleague, and that is a huge deal. As we can see from her face…

Fantastical champion

Image Source: izismile.com


4A mom beats cancer

This mother just beat cancer in its own game as she finished a year of chemotherapy, and is already geared up for her life.

A mom beats cancer

Image Source: www.cetusnews.com


5Age is just a number

This mom got married at 61, and honestly this is the happiest, most age-defying picture we’ve seen all day

Age is just a number

Image Source: rebrn.com


6Amazing fighter

This young woman just won a fighting competition, and posed with her certificate and her pet cat. And honestly, this victor has it all…

Amazing fighter

Image Source: thechive.com


7The first walk…

A parent clicks a picture of a child’s first walk in the snow. And this is the happiest a child has ever been.

The first walk

Image Source: www.codescouples.com


8First time snake-watching

This kid saw a snake for the first time, and her reaction is exactly how we’d react, too

First time snake-watching

Image Source: uncannyvalley.co

9The walk…

This young woman finally walks after 10 days of lung transplantation, and she and her mother are a picture of pure joy

The walk

Image Source: bestnewstivi.com

10The mother holds a baby after a trying pregnancy

This mother finally holds her baby after a very trying delivery, and looks right at home with him

The mother holds a baby after a trying pregnancy

Image Source: www.somtom.com


11This brother’s reaction

This brother burst into tears of joy at his sister’s wedding, as he was making a video of his father dancing with her sis.

This brother’s reaction

Image Source: abcnews.go.com

12This sentimental reunion

This grandfather spotted someone with the same Holocaust survivor tattoo as his for the first time ever.

This sentimental reunion

Image Source: www.viralspell.com

13This winner child

This child survived intense weeks of chemotherapy to fight cancer, and was pictured after her last course by her mom’s best friend.

This winner child

Image Source: imgur.com


14This mom’s each day out

This disabled mom went to the beach after a very long time, and seems under its spell.

This mom’s each day out

Image Source: www.reddit.com

15This rainy day wedding

This couple managed to capture a perfect shot for their rainy wedding.

This rainy day wedding

Image Source: brightside.me

16The winner grandpa

This grandfather finally got his medals for serving in World War II

The winner grandpa

Image Source: bestnewstivi.com


17This moment

This mother listens to her dead son’s heartbeat in a woman, who got her son’s organs after his death

This moment

Image Source: mymodernmet.com

18The child who spun

This kid asked his uncle to spin him as hard as possible. What came out in picture was the happiest picture of all times.

The child who spun

Image Source: anekdotov.net

19The man who met the man who helped him come into this world

This young man stumbled upon someone in his grandfather’s home, who had helped his birth 33 years ago

The man who met the man who helped him come into this world

Image Source: www.reddit.com


20This man who can walk after a ghastly accident

This man is walking after recovering from a painful accident, and has been captured by his best friend.

This man who can walk after a ghastly accident

Image Source: rebrn.com

21The child who read

This blind child got an award for reading the most books in braille in his school

The child who read

Image Source: www.wokv.com



22The praying

This couple just prayed for each other after their wedding

The praying

Image Source: www.abcnews.com


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