20+ Pictures Of Pure Joy Captured On Camera Just Before It Happened

Everyone likes pictures which convey pure, unadulterated happiness. In a way, these kind of pictures are a form of therapy. A website called Brightside collected a number of pictures of people from around the world, amidst a terribly joyous moment. Have a look


This young dad met his two-year-old daughter for the first time after his his ex-wife had hidden the child from him. Just look at their faces!


Image Source: brightside.me


This child comes home after two weeks of serious intensive care, and honestly he looks real comfortable.


Image Source: www.bomb01.com

3Fantastical champion

This young woman won a fantasy football tournament  amid mostly male colleague, and that is a huge deal. As we can see from her face…

Fantastical champion

Image Source: izismile.com

4A mom beats cancer

This mother just beat cancer in its own game as she finished a year of chemotherapy, and is already geared up for her life.

A mom beats cancer

Image Source: www.cetusnews.com

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