15 Pictures From Behind the Scenes Will Change Your Perception about Famous Movies

Hollywood dazzles us everyday and yet we rarely get to meet or learn about the minds behind the incredible projects. Whenever we see a good film we applause the actors and director and maybe a few others. But what about those who make the impossible happen? The people who create mystery out of nowhere and bring in the big bucks.


You’ll say most of that is just CGI and special effects but people forget that the magic lies in conceptualization and the credit goes those who are not afraid to take a risk. For instance, have you ever seen Deadpool’s makeup room? Or wondered how the mamba scene in Jumanji came to be. Here’s looking at some behind-the-scenes magic.

1Is it the one?

You may have heard about The One ring from Lord of the Rings. This huge prop from the set was found after the filming wrapped up. Nobody really knows why or how this huge prop was used all the rings used in the movie were normal-sized. But it probably was meant for promotional purposes.

Ring from Lord of the Rings

Image Source: uduba.com

2Deadpool’s makeup room

Have you ever wondered what the Marvel superhero Deadpool’s makeup room looks like? It looks exactly like you’d imagine. As you know Deadpool’s actual makeup had quite a lot of prosthetic work involved. In his makeup room too you can see the prosthetic masks and a range of other products which make the magic happen.

Deadpool's makeup room

Image Source: pikabu.ru

3Superman’s city

If you’ve ever wondered what Gotham looks like you might not get to know it at all. The fictional city of Batman was shared by Superman in the movie Batman vs Superman. Here he is seen standing facing the city. But in reality, the towering buildings and light were all created with the help of a green screen. In fact, several of the structures in the DC universe was created with the help of a green screen to give the film a moody feel.

Superman's city

Image Source: kapook.com

4Remember this scene?

Remember this scene from I am a Legend? In the film, Will Smith played Robert Neville a scientist and the film featured a scene with Will and a vicious dog. If you take a look at the picture you will see that there was no animal involved. It was just a man with a mask with a dog prop.

Vicious dog

Image Source: cdninstagram.com

5Fake snake alert

This chilling scene in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was perhaps the best of the lot. It featured an actor jumping on the grass which was full of black mamba snakes. As dangerous as that sounds, the snakes were actually created later with CGI. In reality, the actor was just jumping on a lawn. In most of the scenes involving animals, Hollywood tends to add special effects, especially if they are only needed for a scene.

Fake snake alert

Image Source: tvyfarandula.com


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