10 Adorable pics of babies with head full of hair to keep you smiling all day!

Babies are innocent, chubby, cute and simply full of energy. They are the best things to see when you are feeling down and that is why the internet is full of cats and baby videos, to keep the masses laughing and smiling all day.


Babies are normally born either completely bald, or with some covering of hair on their head. But we have for you 11 very cute little babies who have better hair than some of you will ever have in your life. Their heads are full of hair and not only just hair; they have styled hair, with curls, naturally colored in different shades.

You may be thinking, how is it even possible… right? Check out for yourself.


1 The punk look

This is the look that most of us guys who have long hair have after waking up from sleep. Then it is a regular struggle to shampoo, condition and wash the hair and then dry it to make it resemble like a hair style. But this little dude here is rocking the hairstyle in the minimalist way possible. Let it be the way it started out in the morning.

The punk look

Image Source: www.heartti.com

2 Wind blowing locks

This baby’s hair looks eerily similar to how Donald Trump’s hair would look like, if he were to drive down the highway with his roof down. But this little guy here is just letting the hair flow in the wind and giving us the maximum swag he can.

Wind blowing looks

Image Source: www.heartti.com


3 That’s ultra white hair color

Now here is something that even the people who have seen everything, will say they have not seen. This baby, who is sleeping blissfully here, is unaware that his head is full of the whitest colored hair ever seen on any baby and that he will be famous just for the color of the hair itself in future.

That’s ultra white hair color

Image Source: www.heartti.com

4 Girls would die for those curls

Now those are some curls. Even the curling iron will not give such curls and this guy has them naturally. Yeah these will be hard to maintain as he will grow old, but for now, he will be the object of jealousy amongst girls, who will die and/or kill to have curls in their hair like him.

Girls would die for those curls

Image Source: www.heartti.com

5 Ginger head at its best

Nothing says rock on than a head full of orange colored hair. This baby who is giving the attitude to match the hair color is definitely aware of the responsibilities that come with that hair color and he is doing awesomely well for now. But those hairs are really orange in color!!

Ginger head at its best

Image Source: www.heartti.com


6 Whoa!!

Now that’s what I call impressive and this baby here is the prime example of, letting the hair do their natural thing. The amount of hair on that head will make any male or female proud and will also give some relief to the parents that the baby will have full head of hair well into adulthood.


Image Source: www.heartti.com

7 Einstein’s hair on a kid

This is how Einstein’s world famous hair would look on a child. The child is pretty unaware of how his hair looks right now and is busy in getting the picture clicked. But seriously, that hairstyle will give a serious run for money to Einstein’s well known hairstyle.

Einstein’s hair on a kid

Image Source: www.heartti.com

8 Looks like a news anchor

That’s how a news anchor wears his hair while he is on air and even the baby knows that he can give that anchor a run for his money with his hair nicely gelled and parted with a comb. The baby has one thing better than the anchor; he probably has more hair than any anchor on any news station.

Looks like a news anchor

Image Source: www.ofpof.com


9 Professionally done

Now this baby has got her hair done professionally for sure. And she is carrying it off pretty well. And with that dress and hair band, she is looking like a princess ready to make her first appearance in front of public.

Professionally done

Image Source: www.sortra.com

10 Too Cute!!

A mother named Vickie Dance shared this adorable picture of her daughter Gracie sitting on her throne and bow in her hair. There cannot be anything cute and uplifting as babies, especially such adorable babies and that too with full head of hair. Too cute to handle!!!

Too Cute!

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


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