18 Photos That Will Convince You That Reflections Have a Mind Of Their Own

You can create art using a ton of tricks with today’s technology but using reflections to create it is in a league of its own. Today, we have some stunning images that are all the result of perfectly timed reflections and nothing else. You will be amazed to see how a smart and creative perspective can create some mind-blowing artwork.


Some of these images are funny while others will make you say Photoshop but we can assure you none of these images were edited and are the result of perfect timing and nothing else.

1The building is on fire!

This building looks gorgeous during sunset. The reason? The glass on the windows reflects the sunlight and it looks like the building is engulfed by fire! During sunset, the sunlight is more red and deep, and that makes the picture even more gorgeous!  The photographer is lucky to enjoy this view every day.

The building is on fire!
Image Source: sosyobaz.com


This one is a really lucky shot. For a second it looks like she has really weird eyes!  Someone saw the way the sunglasses were reflecting the tunnel and clicked this picture. The tunnel is getting reflected clearly in the mirrored sunglasses. It looks like a weird mystical design and could fit well in a movie.

Image Source: www.tuxboard.com

3Planets in the sky

In this picture, the person driving the car tried to take a picture of the sky with the beautiful rainbow in it. That is a great picture by itself. Additionally, the steering wheel of the car got reflected in the window and it looks like the steering wheel is a planet in the sky.

Planets in the sky
Image Source: izismile.com

4A glass world

This is another stunning picture. Here, the glass reflects the buildings upside down. It reflects the beautiful cloudy sky and the simple but beautiful buildings. It looks like someone made a miniature version of the scenery and put it in the glass. It looks like some version of a snow globe, but with rain instead.

A glass world
Image Source: valet.ru

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