16 Photos That Show What Really Happens On Hollywood Movie Sets

Many people often forget that it isn’t easy being an actor or actress or even a director making a movie. There are several pieces that go into making it, that most people do not realize. Today, Hollywood is reaching for the stars as they have some of the world’s best VFX teams that can make any director’s dreams come to life with ease. But there is still a ton of work that goes into making a movie and everyone from the actors to the crew plays a vital part in that.


1Heroes take the best selfies

When you’re a superhero you get the chance to take some of the best selfies of all time. Here you can see actor Tom Holland on the set of ‘Homecoming’ in the whole Spiderman costume on and with the entire film crew under him. This is how a hero takes a selfie.

Image Source: pinimg.com


2Darth Maul loved colors

Even though he was playing one of the evilest looking characters in the ‘Star Wars’ universe, the actor Ray Park who played the character in ‘The Phantom Menace’ loved colorful umbrellas. It looks so odd seeing a sith lord whose color scheme is just red and black walk around with a colored umbrella.

Darth Maul loved colors

Image Source: tumblr.com


3Henry Cavill as ‘The Witcher’

Many people first thought that actor Henry Cavill would grow out his hair and then dye it blonde for the ‘The Witcher’ TV show. But, the truth is that he wore a wig throughout the show. It was so well done that most people didn’t even know he was wearing one and just thought it was his natural hair.

Henry Cavil as The Witcher

Image Source: genial.guru


4Evangeline Lilly as ‘The Wasp’

Most people may not have known that for many scenes in ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ the actors had to wear tracking dots on their faces. The helmets they are seen wearing in the movie are sometimes CGI for which they need to first capture the actor’s face details before applying the CGI.

Evangeline Lilly as ‘The Wasp

Image Source: imgur.com


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