16 Photographs That Will Make You Wonder and Not Believe Your Eyes

13Weird Architecture: These buildings look like they were designed in 2D

This is one weird building that looks more like looking at a TV screen in two dimensions. In fact, this is a real building and not a video game. It is the Georgia Pacific building in Atlanta that looks two dimensional and really weird.

Image Source: .redd.it

14The happy man

This Redditor posted “My washing machine has a happy man on the back”. It seems he may have been daydreaming while washing laundry when the image struck him. How cool is that? It actually does look like a happy man.

Image Source: imgur.com

15“Can I play for 5 minutes more please?”

This is really a weird photograph and kudos to the camera work from taking it at such an odd angle that it actually looks like the dog is playing video games instead of the girl. Well, it definitely looks like a girl there doesn’t it?

Image Source: brightside.me

16Girl with three legs?

Noo, definitely not. That’s not a girl with three legs although it looks like one. Clearly, there is another girl most probably her friend since she the illusion has been created because of the other girl sitting so close to her.

Image Source: focus.bb.lv

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