16 Photographs That Will Make You Wonder and Not Believe Your Eyes

10What a cute figure he has

Well, he does look all manly but what’s that about the rest of him. At one glance, it really looks like he has a sexy figure but that’s not him. It’s most probably his girlfriend whose face is concealed in the photo.

Image Source: comunicacionpopular.com.ar

10Now what’s this? Is that a boob?

Well, at first glance it may look like one and then when you notice it a second time; it seems just like a weird lump of flesh hanging on her chest. Yes, it’s the other girl’s hand around her neck.

11Alien dog?

Well, this picture can give anyone the creeps and looks like a character straight out of the alien hunting movie Men in Blank. Yes, we all know its two dogs where the big one’s face is concealed from the picture.

Image Source: thrillblender.com

12Hyperrealism photography?

NO! This isn’t photography, in fact, it is a hyperrealistic sculpture titled “Woman and Child” by artist Sam Jinks. On first glance, it can really be deceiving and actually looks incredibly lifelike, especially the women whose facial features are prominent.

Image Source: knd.ro

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