16 Photographs That Will Make You Wonder and Not Believe Your Eyes

5Only pipes

There is something special about this picture even though it is of something so ordinary. That is just a huge collection of pipes but they have made a nice intricate design that was captured in this photo with the play of the light.

Image Source: brightside.me

6Unusual hedgehog: sometimes it barks and comes to the name Marley

Well, don’t be alarmed at this picture. Yes, on close look we know it isn’t a hedgehog but a husky and that’s not cruelty because some huskies just love the snow and will sit for hours in it even refusing to get in when called.

Image Source: opupenno.ru

7Biker ghosts

You need to be really creative and observant to click such photos which this Redditor has proved. The snow on these biker statues have covered their torsos in such a way that only the outline is covered and nothing else giving it an appearance of another person attached to them.

Image Source: minilua.com

8Doesn’t she have really slim legs?

That’s a real slim pair of legs for you but is they? This photo has everyone fooled at first glance because of the style and design of the track pant. It does look weird though and creepy too because of the appearance of those weird skinny legs.

Image Source: twimg.com

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