16 Photographs That Will Make You Wonder and Not Believe Your Eyes

It is always fun to watch weird photographs online especially when they appear to be something else instead. There are several such pictures online but we thought of bringing you some good ones just for light reading and a good laugh. Some of these photos especially the last one has created quite a stir on the net and made people take a closer look.  Many of them are the result of photography taken from various angles and split-second photos or photos taken by those with a highly creative and observant mind. So enjoy these 20 photographs that you see below.


1“Our dog looks like a fox and always smells like popcorn. 12/10 good boy!”

This was posted to Reddit by someone with the handle @ilovemyking. But laughter aside, animal experts say that popcorn smell could be a combination of bacteria and yeast so if your pup keeps licking their paws, get them checked.

Image Source: 9gag.com

2Dead snapdragons

The Redditor who posted this wrote “Snapdragons are beautiful flowers, but when they die… they turn into creepy looking skulls.” These are snapdragons and yes when they die, the dried up flowers resemble a human skull.

Image Source: .redd.it

3“My Cat’s spirit left its body”

This is a hilarious picture obviously of two cats but it has been shot in such a way that it actually looks like the cat is engaging in astral projection and it appears as if its spirit is hovering above its body.

Image Source: redd.it

4Dog or monkey

That’s neither. This Redditor posted “My Dog’s flopped-over ear looks like the face of a baboon”. Well, you don’t need to look closely to see that yes, the ear is in such a position it’s as if a baboon’s face is imprinted on it.

Image Source: preview.redd.it

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