20 Regular Photographs That Seem Ordinary Till You Zoom in For a Closer Look

15The best-photobombed selfie ever

You may feel that animals don’t exactly mean or intend what they do in such pictures but then again, you can’t help noticing the self conscious expression on the dog’s face. He seems to know that something is going on and he is being noticed.

Image Source: romashka-smile.ru

16The perfect poker face

This is one dog who seems unfazed at what’s being done to him. He is totally expressionless and absolutely poker-faced. Either that or the poor little tyke is half scared to death and is wondering when this stupid gal will stop throwing him in the air.

Image Source: romashka-smile.ru

17Whose photobombing who

It seems here that this is a free for all photo session and one wonders who is photobombing who. However, it would have been nicer if the person taking the picture would have got both cats in the frame.

Image Source: harmonikum.co

18The handsome guy’s photo got spoilt

Don’t you just dislike when someone comes in the way of your photograph. Now, who on earth would want such a lovely beautiful and well hot gal in their photo frame?? Would you seriously?

Image Source: brightside.me

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