20 Regular Photographs That Seem Ordinary Till You Zoom in For a Closer Look

11The penguin has a photograph of me in his pen

This man took a selfie with a penguin and the glass between him and the penguin’s pen made it appear as if the penguin had a photo of him resting on a rock in its pen. Look closely on the left, you can’t miss it.

Image Source: brightside.me

12When you need rest anywhere will do

While at first glance this may appear as your regular bookstore but then again, take a closer look, there is a guy who seems to have found the perfect place to rest. Perhaps he is the ultimate bookworm.

Image Source: elacraciun.ro

13Seen at a candy store

Seriously, who would think of packing candy like that? It seems this guy has a keen sense of observation and picked up the design immediately. The woman behind him too is surprised as can be made out from her gesture.

Image Source: harmonikum.co

14A horse smile

Now that’s a perfect example of a smile that is genuine. Animals too have their happy moments and this seems one happy horse who loves to smile. In fact, he actually knows he is getting a lot of attention from this photobomb.

Image Source: romashka-smile.ru

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